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a memorable movie

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You dreamed about it, planned for it, and loved your big adventure.
Now you want to remember it…
Let us edit your raw video and images into an unforgettable story of your trip!

Just gather all the videos & photos from your trip
Upload them to us
And enjoy your vacation memories!

unique and different

Every movie we create is made by a professional editors.
Each creation requires time and meticulous work.
Usually it takes 5-10 days.

You get personal Film Director

Post Production
Color Correction
Sound Engineering
Visual Effects

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Only in February you pay if you like!
We’ll send your movie with our watermark for FREE...
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* Price: from $100

* The price for your movie will be given before production, and will depend on your desired duration and it style.

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Useful Tips

  • Once your vacation is over, the pictures and video will be all that’s left. Be sure to capture the most memorable moments, and we’ll help you turn them into an awesome highlight reel that you’ll enjoy and want to share.

  • We recommend filming with cameras with at least 8 MP in FULL HD 1080p. Check your camera or smartphone’s specs.

  • Always hold the camera horizontally.

  • We don’t make movies of photos alone. If you don’t have enough video materials, you may take images and videos from several trips and make one movie out of them.

  • Plan your next trip with a Film Your Trip highlight reel in mind!

If you’d like to hire a videographer, we can
help you with referrals

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